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SOIL (the School of Internal Literacy) is a worldwide community of volunteers dedicated to help people reconnect, rediscover and relearn their inner selves.

SOIL is focused on meditative practices, methodologies and techniques that employ any or all of our body, breath, images, thoughts, emotions, and energy. It seeks to provide relevant context to help facilitate personal experience and enhance the commitment of an individual to oneself; further to navigate a framework by which one can derive meaning to one’s life rather than mere learning of an ideology.

It focuses on:

  • Knowing oneself- transcending belief to knowledge.
  • Discovering methods of unfolding one’s true potential
  • Being conscious of the resources each person is provided with in order to change and transform oneself.

It derives inspiration from the worldwide Humanist movement, its methodologies - the 12 principles of valid action and its founder Silo’s message of ‘unity living’. SOIL embodies learnings of the following schools:

  • Spiritual Masters, Saints, Mystics and Sages- Integral Yoga of Aurobindo, Humanist practices developed by SILO
  • Eastern schools: Tai Chi, Qi Jong, Taoist, Buddhist methodologies covered by Vipassana, Zen, Schools of Hinduism, Yogic System
  • Principles of Russian Systema Breathing
  • Concepts of Kabbalah,
  • Western Sciences, Cosmologists, and others.

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