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The Everyday Series

Everybody has their own process to change. The Everyday Series is our attempt at finding ways to bettering our lives a tiny bit, in a way that doesn’t call for a transformation of self, but something easier to make room for, in the lives that we already lead. It is about taking the first small, yet tangible step towards something we want to heal about ourselves

Often-times, we find ourselves living a life of meeting demands. Demands of work deadlines, home struggles, or the demands we place on our own selves to do more, to be better.

At times, others’ challenges may take up the spotlight, leaving our needs and priorities to lurk in the dark – invisible. It is not an easy process to prioritize self-care amidst this. Most of us may feel guilty, scared, or dismissive towards the thought of putting ourselves first when things and people around us need to be taken care of. But here’s the truth: You and your needs are important too. Taking care of yourself is important too.

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