Management Consulting

What We Do

We help our clients establish an entrepreneurial, collaborative, inclusive, and merit-driven organizational work culture. We operate on the principles of human-centered design eliminating friction, facilitating transparency, supportive technology, nurturing individual growth, and promoting teamwork.

We work across all tiers of leadership. We harness the collective wisdom of the organization’s stakeholders to design our interventions, taking into account the hopes, dreams, and aspirations.

List Of Services

  • Project Mapping
  • Stakeholder Mapping
  • Organization Mapping
  • Vision Mapping
  • Process Mapping
Our Domains

Arts & Culture

For Helm, art is a medium of expression to capture, reflect, challenge, and inspire each other. Art is political, it is a medium to stimulate thought, inspire human behaviour and bring people together.

Human Resource Development

We work with individuals and groups to build competencies for enhancing leadership skills and increasing efficacy.

Holistic Living

We work towards creating harmony between individuals, communities and the ecosystem. Our hope is at an individual level for a balanced sense of mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being.

Design & Technology

We, along with the use of data and stakeholder insights, take an independent human centric approach to decision-making in the problem areas we identify.

Social Enterprise

We are dedicated to creating economic opportunities for mission driven organizations and committed individuals engaged in solving problems that affect the collective. We connect ideas to necessary resources relevant to public and private stakeholders on the values of the Triple Bottomline (People, Planet Profit).

Civic Engagement

The individual is the smallest indivisible unit of society; we believe active citizen participation alongside conscious consumerism is necessary for a system of markets, government and individuals to be equitable, effective and just.

Our Services

Management Consulting

We help our clients establish an entrepreneurial, collaborative, inclusive, and merit-driven organizational work culture.

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Strategy Consulting

We connect ideas and best practices to individuals and organizations based on their value systems, programs and activities.

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Advisory Services

We offer custom-tailored advisory services to solve our principal’s most pressing challenges.

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Experience Design & Management

We help our principals design, mobilise, facilitate, and coordinate execution for community-based engagements.

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Program Design & Development

We provide our principal and partners active support to design curriculum, formulate pedagogy, develop resources and manage programs.

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We strive to bridge the gap between investor and entrepreneur, foundation and grantee, NGO and donor.

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Let's create impact together.

We empower purpose-driven individuals, organizations and collectives across domains to enhance their impact potential.

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