What We Do

We curate, consult and collaborate with individuals, groups and organisations to build and further projects, by applying our expertise in:

  • Ideation / Conception
  • Culture and Community Building
  • Experience Curation
  • Project Management and Pilot Design
  • Product Design & Development
  • Strategy and Innovation Consulting
  • Collaboration Network & Mentorship
  • Resource Design and Development
  • Outreach and Activation

Across the following domains:

  • Arts & Culture:

    Art to us is a medium of expression to capture, reflect, challenge and inspire one another. Art is also a medium of resistance - to stimulate thought, influence human behaviour and bring people together.

  • Human Resource Development

    We work with individuals and groups to build competencies towards applying oneself better, enhancing leadership skills and increasing efficacy.

  • Holistic Living

    We work towards creating balance within individuals and communities across the realms of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being.

  • Design & Technology

    We want to influence evidence-based decision-making across problem areas we have identified, with a strong foundation in human-centred design.

  • Social Enterprise

    We are dedicated to creating economic opportunities for individuals actively working towards solving real problems. We look for purpose beyond financial gain, by connecting ideas to necessary resources and relevant markets.

  • Civic Engagement

    The individual is the smallest indivisible unit of society; We believe for a system to be effective, active participation of every citizen is necessary. We aim to foster conscious citizenship, to create a non-violent equitable society.

Our Collaborations

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