About Us

Helm of Eight is an ecosystem – equal parts a playground and a movement to better the human condition.

We are a troop of entrepreneurs, designers, humanists and storytellers, coming together – to build and sustain safer, braver communities. We create space to engage with every identity of an individual and the collective.

We collaborate with artists, curators, resource persons and organisations to create meaningful experiences.

As an incubator, our role is to identify and nurture conscious projects at the intersection of our core domains of Arts & Culture, Human Resource Development, Holistic Living, Design & Technology, Social Enterprise and Civic Engagement.

The Founder

Kiran Reddy

Founder & Managing Director

Kiran is the Director for Startup Grind India (Mumbai Chapter), aiming to bridge entrepreneurs and events & media from the startup ecosystem. In his professional career Kiran co-founded Risevertise Media, providing simple and effective design strategies for brands across digital and tech platforms. He is passionate about Human Resource Development, enjoys unraveling stories of people, travelling, loves string instruments and believes he could be a percussionist some day.