What’s your take on the future?
9th March
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About Desirable Future Sessions

What’s your take on the future?

Helm of Eight in association with Venue Partner The Bohemian House, Innovation Partner Workbench Projects and Augmented Reality Partner FlippAR Go are organising an adventurous day we themed “desirable future sessions” to invite all the nonconformists who dare to dream.

A call out to all geeks, nerds, creatives, misfits, the innovators, entrepreneurs, writers, artists and artisans, the activists and the intellectuals to come share their vision for a desirable future. Come listen, engage and indulge in a memorable gathering for peers.

A day filled with engaging Speaker sessions, immersive stalls, art installations, sensory experiences, games, interactive corners, peer networking and more to inspire your imagination.

As William Gibson put it: “The future has arrived — it’s just not evenly distributed yet.”

the speakers

hear their take on the future.


Vasanth M Kamath
Founder & CEO, Hydrogreens Agro Tech

Topic: Prosperity pool for & from farmers

Passionate about product innovation, weaving multiple subjects to find unique connections, new hypotheses & ideas. 13+ years of intrapreneurial experience is led by continuous learning & spans from setting up innovative product capabilities & teams (Hardware & Software), accelerating startups, Solving challenges in world food security etc.

Former Director of Innovation @ Target Corporation. Fellow of Food Future Foundation, Global challenge to grow cotton with 98% less water, Create climate models to understand agriculture better. Claim to fame : Saved a million cats with code.

Present work:

Hydrogreens Agro Tech : A team that is on a mission to reduce water usage in agriculture, grow more organic fresh greens per square foot & while doing so improve the power & income of our farming community

Akshay Singhal
Founder & CEO, Log9 Materials

Topic: Electric Mobility for India: Current Challenges & the future

A young and dynamic entrepreneur who stands to empower the young pioneers who will push the world forward through entrepreneurship and innovation. Graduated in Materials Engineering from IIT Roorkee in 2015 and will be completing his PhD from IIT Roorkee in Nanotechnology by 2020. Worked in the field of Nanotechnology for the last 5 years and specifically in graphene for the last 4 years. He has research experience from University of Alberta, Canada and has published more than 6 scientific articles and filed more than 15 patents.

Present Work:

Currently Akshay is the Founder and CEO of Log9 Materials Scientific Private Limited. Log9 is a nanotechnology startup unleashing the benefits of Graphene for Clean Energy and Filtration. Log9 is an IIT Roorkee spinoff founded in 2015. It was the first startup to be incubated by IIT Roorkee in its business incubator TIDES. Log9 has a R&D team of 17 people from top 10 universities of India passionate about bringing the clean energy revolution in India. Log9 team consists of Industry veterans, top academic experts and seasoned entrepreneurs who collectively bring over 100 man-years experience in the automotive industry, the manufacturing industry & materials engineering. Log9 boasts a strong intellectual property portfolio of 16 patents.

Sharat Satyanarayana

Sharat Satyanarayana refers to himself as an ‘aspiring nexialist‘. A parallel entrepreneur who loves testing new ideas that push the boundaries of creativity. A creative person managing with limited motor (for art) & tech skills, Sharat spent the (nearly) first half of his career (of 16 years so far) in the corporate domain, with the balance involving eclectic experiences as an entrepreneur / intrapreneur and a free agent.

In the recent past, Sharat has contributed to and developed deep technology innovation programs at leading retail firms such as Target (in collaboration with IDEO & MIT Media Lab), LOWE'S Home Improvement & Pantaloons.

Sharat can boast of an incredibly eclectic network of global innovators, makers and researchers. He brings an uncanny ability to connect dots and build strategic long-term partnerships; a genuine force-multiplier to teams he contributes to.

Gautham Shenoy
Sci-fi Fan and SF Columnist

Topic: Science Fiction for Hopeful Futures

Gautham has spent almost 20 years in the advertising industry. Until recently the National Creative Director of Saatchi & Saatchi Focus, he is currently a Consulting Partner at Celsius 100. An avid reader and science fiction fan, Shenoy is also a columnist for factordaily.com where he writes New Worlds Weekly, India's longest-running weekly column on Speculative Fiction.

Ananth Ramesh
Spacecraft Structures, Team Indus

Topic: Building on a Moonshot

Ananth is a Structural design engineer working with TeamIndus for the last 5 years. A graduate from Cranfield University, he joined TeamIndus during the initial days of the Lander Structures team. He is in charge of the design analysis and optimization of the spacecraft and has played key roles in building the two-engineering space qualified models of the lander. He has spoken about his TeamIndus journey at several platforms including TedXIITRoorkee. He is also a part of several foundation programs where he actively engages the next generation by taking them behind the scenes of the Moon mission and igniting an interest in STEM careers.

Huda Masood
Founder and Chief Grunt @ The Huda Bar

Topic: Hyperlocal, De-centralized and Closing the Loop - Using Food to Lure Them In

Huda Masood has a PostGrad in Stem Cells & Regenerative Medicine and a Bachelors' in Dental Surgery. But her passion for food, eating right and healthy and being broke eventually drew her into the food manufacturing industry. Over the course of many years this slowly evolved into what is now known as The Huda Bar.

Huda is also actively involved in bettering her immediate community - she has created a hyperlocal food group that is her grand social experiment in social impact - interactions that transcend the usual barriers of age, sex, religion and status and keeping the money in the Richmond Town family so to speak.

You eat what our friends and family eat." - The tagline Huda created is one close to her heart.

Originally just creating nutritious high energy bars, The Huda Bar now has an wide array of organic products available, raw honeys direct from her beekeeper, Himalayan Barley Flakes to organic tea herbs from Assam.

THB works with a strong focus to provide highly nutritious organic products at affordable prices (she remembers being broke and hungry) while growing the business organically and not giving into the corporate race.

The Huda Bar buys ingredients locally from responsible farmers and aggregators that ensure fair prices. All the ingredients and their producers have been carefully vetted to ensure that you eat what our friends and family eat.

Harshit Agrawal
Cyborg Artist and Researcher

Topic: Making Art with Artificial Intelligence: The Evolution of the Cyborg Artist

Harshit is a (cyborg) artist and researcher. A lot of the work he does currently focuses on the interplay between human and machine imaginations and intentions, spanning across virtual and physical embodiments. Through his artwork, he wants to create experiences for people to explore and express with seemingly distant technologies like artificial intelligence/ machine learning, drones, digital fabrication, sensors, augmented reality and in the process invite people to reflect upon and re-evaluate their relationship with technology. We live within a complex sphere of technical processes, and seldom do our experiences make us stop and come face to face with them, sit down and have a conversation with them, become comfortable with them to a level that we start reflecting on how they are truly affecting us.

He is a graduate of the Fluid Interfaces group at MIT Media Lab and the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT Guwahati). He has carried out art residencies at various places to develop his practice in diverse cultural contexts, including at the Art Center Nabi (Seoul), Museum of Tomorrow (Rio de Janeiro), Kakehi-Lab (Tokyo/ Yokohama). He has exhibited work at premier art festivals and museums around the world, like the Ars Electronica Festival, permanent exhibition at Heinz Nixdorf Museum (Germany) Tate Modern, Asia Culture Center (at Otherly Spaces/Knowledge exhibition), QUT Art Museum (Why the Future Still Needs Us exhibition), Museum of Tomorrow, Alt-Ai (at the School For Poetic Computation, NYC), Art Center Nabi, Laval Virtual, BeFantastic Festival (Bangalore, India), ISEA. His work has also been extensively covered in international media. Along with this, he has published several research papers on creation tools at human computer interaction conferences, including Siggraph, UIST, UbiComp, TEI, IUI, IDC.

Vijetha Shastry
Lead- Open Innovation NASSCOM CoE - DSAI & IoT

Topic: Open Innovation, Co-Creation, and Insights on the Startup Ecosystem Collaboration.

25 Years exposure to Operations, Marketing, Co-Working, and Open Innovation and worked with Leading Organizations such as Taj Hotels,Barista,Metro Cash and Carry India, Reliance Retail, Arvind Brands. Deeply immersed in the startup ecosystem as a Senior Volunteer with Headstart Network Foundation, Co-Organizer at Techstars Startup Weekend, Mentor at Kerala Startup Mission.

Megha Bhagat
Co-Founder & Chief Growth Officer - Project DEFY

Topic: Unlearning- The future of learning systems

Megha Bhagat is a social innovator with a legal background. She has worked on designing strategies for livelihood creations, job creations through alternate learnings and is responsible for DEFY’s growth strategy, viability plans and partnerships. She believes that the jobs of the future will come from self taught learners and creating next generation entrepreneurs at every level.

Project DEFY is a Non profit Section 8 company that enables individuals from marginalised communities to create their own education through self designed learning in creative community environments called Nooks.

Avijit Michael
Executive Director and Managing Trustee, Jhatkaa.org

Topic: Democracy 2.0 - how digital technology can simplify citizen participation in governance

Avijit Michael has worked at the intersection of campaigning and digital technology for the past decade. He led the team that pioneered online petitions and digital mobilisation in India with Greenpeace. He then worked at Change.org as Country Director to setup their India operations before moving to a role as Global Development Director where he built strategy for user engagement globally. He currently leads Jhatkaa.org with a focus on increasing citizen participation in democracy using digital technology that enables Indians to hold government accountable.

Arvind Badrinarayanan
CEO, Muse Diagnostics

Topic: Body music and other ideas

Arvind is a Veterinarian, Biologist, Entrepreneur and Writer. He has spent over 5 years working with wildlife in various corners of the globe and writing on wildlife, medical issues and their intersection with society. For the last several years he has been developing medical devices from within his own clinic to starting a company.

Muse Diagnostics creates affordable, digital, IoT diagnostic tools to improve healthcare efficacy and accessibility. We leverage transdisciplinary expertise to create innovative, sustainable and scalable solutions. Our first product is the world's most advanced, effective and affordable digital stethoscope called Taal along with its machine learning diagnostic app called Surr

Suvarchala Narayanan
Digital Nomad, Founder 'Life Of Audacity'

Suvarchala Narayanan is a digital nomad who divides her time between technology & business journalism for PWC’s Strategy and Business magazine and leading Life-Design and authentic relationship retreats.

Following her Master’s thesis on the Future of Learning & Work, she embarked upon an experiment based on reflecting the central point of the thesis – varied gig-work, fluid identity, and continuous learning. Her past experiences include work as an actress and travel show host, organic farming on a Greek island, startup consulting & journalism for print and digital media.

Milind Naik
CEO, Vitor Healthsciences Pvt Ltd

The Future of Healthcare: Beyond Hospitals

Milind Naik is a media & technology industry veteran with a career spanning more than 25 years helming leadership roles across brands like Cricinfo, Star TV and Miditech. He previously founded a mobile-technology venture called Papillon which serviced companies in their mobile application development endeavours. At Vitor, he leads product strategy & technology rollout.

schedule & entry

What’s your take on the future?

9th March, Saturday | 2:00pm - 3:00pm

The Bohemian House
Raja Ram Mohan Roy Rd, Inside Hotel, Woody's, Richmond Town,
Bengaluru- 560025

2:00pm - 3:00pm

Desirable Future Sessions #1

Ananth Ramesh - Spacecraft Structures, Team Indus (Building on a Moonshot)

Harshit Agrawal - Cyborg Artist and Researcher (Making Art with Artificial Intelligence: The Evolution of the Cyborg Artist)

Megha Bhagat - Co-Founder & Chief Growth Officer - Project DEFY (Unlearning- The future of learning systems)

3:00pm - 3:30pm

Science Fiction for Hopeful Futures Workshop

Gautham Shenoy - Sci-fi Fan and SF Columnist

Sharat Satyanarayana - Entrepreneur, Aspiring Nexialist


3:45pm - 5:15pm

Desirable Future Sessions #2

Huda Masood - Founder and Chief Grunt @TheHudaBar (Hyperlocal, De-centralized and Closing the Loop - Using Food to Lure Them In)

Avijit Michael - Executive Director and Managing Trustee, Jhatkaa.org (Democracy 2.0 - how digital technology can simplify citizen participation in governance)

Vasanth Kamath - Founder & CEO, Hydrogreens Agro Tech (Prosperity pool for & from farmers)

Milind Naik - Founder & CEO, Vitor Health (The Future of Healthcare: Beyond Hospitals)


5:30pm - 6:30pm

Desirable Future Sessions #3

Vijetha Shastry - Lead- Open Innovation NASSCOM CoE - DSAI & IoT (Open Innovation, Co-Creation and Insights on the Startup Ecosystem Collaboration)

Akshay Singhal - Founder & CEO, Log9 Materials, (Electric Mobility for India: Current Challenges & the future)

Arvind Badrinarayanan - CEO, Muse Diagnostics (Body music and other ideas)

6:30pm - 7:00pm

Designing your Future Self Workshop

Suvarchala Narayanan - Digital Nomad, Technology & Business journalism for PWC’s Strategy and Business magazine + leading Life-Design and authentic relationship retreats.

experiences, stalls & interactive corners

What’s your take on the future?

Electric Car Experience

Range anxiety and inadequate charging infrastructure are a universal problem which has led to slow adoption of electric vehicles across the globe. Issues of non-availability of raw materials and indigenous manufacturing makes it even more challenging for India to aim for mass electrification of vehicles. Metal-air particularly Aluminium-air technology is a viable alternative which can make mobility clean and green without the need for charging infrastructure with a range of more than 1000 km. Log9 Materials, a local Bangalore startup has made Aluminium and Water the new fuel. The innovation can not only revolutionize electric mobility both in consumer and logistics segment but also makes eco-friendly power backup viable. Come see the car on site on the 9th of March.

Video Link: https://youtu.be/uOU_Vvk1sP8

Space Tech Corner

Rover Wheels | Rover, a scaled-down model of the lander | A Honeycomb Deck |

TeamIndus believes sustainable space exploration is the necessary pre-cursor to future exploitation, and it is building towards affordable, reliable, repeated deliveries beyond-Earth orbit and driving down this cost of delivery by an order of magnitude over the coming years.

The lunar-first strategy of the global exploration roadmap matches the capabilities developed at TeamIndus and places the company as a front-runner to kick-start the lunar logistics and services economy.

The genesis of TeamIndus was through participation in the Google Lunar XPRIZE competition, in which it was placed among the top contenders to win. TeamIndus comprises of technology entrepreneurs and industry-hardened veterans with experience in building space systems augmented by the top young engineering talent from the top institutions in India and abroad.

The team is based out of Bangalore (India) supported by captive spacecraft & sub-system design, manufacturing, integration and test infrastructure. TeamIndus’ offerings enable planetary science, technology demonstration as well as the incremental build-out of infrastructure by research establishments and government agencies. .

Need of the 'AR'

One of the ways to build a strong brand presence & increase sales is by being able to provide great customer experience. FlippAR helps companies provide better customer experience because of its experience with customer service + technology integration.

FlippAR in addition to helping make an interactive AR experience, would be handing out interactive postcard souvenirs.

DIY/ MakerSpace Experience

Workbench Projects (WP) is a Bengaluru-based makerspace, a cross-disciplinary platform for the public to toy with ideas, tinker with tools and machines to prototype and build for the future.

The idea of working in a maker-space, creating objects of one's fancy, building devices which work with motors is one of the most ideal ways people seem to spend their free time. Remember the childhood days, where we would tinker with things creating different objects with hobby kits and broken parts? As we grow up we tend to get busy in different things and forget all this. Workbench Projects, Bangalore's first open maker-space aims to rekindle that spirit in us.


“Each of us deserves to be heard, understood, and taken care of.” TheMindClan is a mental health community platform dedicated to giving you access to the tools you need to care for your mental health. From a curated list of queer friendly counsellors, to mental health events in the city, TheMindClan intends to be a trusted system for Mental Health Care in India.

You can find them presenting how their tech driven platform helps and supports users find safe spaces.

BLR Busking

We sit in public spaces and make art with strangers. Come say hey!
The following buskers will be attending:

  • Rahul / Writer
  • Sweeya / Writer
  • Nisshtha / Writer-illustrator
  • Maithili / illustrator

Goobes Book Republic: Sci-Fi & SF books

Goobe's book republic is a store that really believes Science Fiction is better than everything else. We operate as a store, a library and buy/trade pre-loved Science Fiction, literature and Non Fiction books.

Interactive Corners

Letters to Future Self. Want to receive a note from you a year into the future, fill out the postcard and we will deliver it to your address in 2020.

The Bohemian House, Bengaluru- 560025