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Helm Of Eight

We help purpose-driven individuals, organizations and collectives to translate their development goals into tangible social impact.

About Us

Helm of Eight is an all-in-one advisory for changemakers. We partner with corporates, foundations, funders, governments and social enterprises to translate development goals into tangible social impact.

Our Focus: To enable systemic change by integrating bottom-up and top-down approaches in alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Our Vision: To support the few who work with the many.

Our Mission: To empower 100 Changemakers to impact 1 Million lives by 2030.


At Helm of Eight:

  • We empathise
  • We collaborate
  • We facilitate
  • We celebrate
  • We innovate
  • We connect
  • We enable
  • We disrupt


We connect purpose-driven organizations, collectives, corporates, and individuals with opportunities for sustainable growth and social impact.

We identify and solve for stakeholder problems while prioritising People - Planet - Profit.

As a partner, we value growth and facilitate transformative processes anchored to the values, culture, and objectives of our stakeholders.

We approach our stakeholders’ ecosystems with an empathy akin to a co-traveler, participating in a journey of transformative growth.

What We Do

For Startups

Supporting startups to scale up their impact.

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For Corporates

Supporting corporates with strategic guidance to achieve sustainability and social impact objectives.

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For NGOs

Supporting NGOs with advisory services to drive sustainable change in their communities.

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Our Domains

Arts & Culture

For Helm, art is a medium of expression to capture, reflect, challenge, and inspire each other. Art is political, it is a medium to stimulate thought, inspire human behaviour and bring people together.

Human Resource Development

We work with individuals and groups to build competencies for enhancing leadership skills and increasing efficacy.

Holistic Living

We work towards creating harmony between individuals, communities and the ecosystem. Our hope is at an individual level for a balanced sense of mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being.

Design & Technology

We, along with the use of data and stakeholder insights, take an independent human centric approach to decision-making in the problem areas we identify.

Social Enterprise

We are dedicated to creating economic opportunities for mission driven organizations and committed individuals engaged in solving problems that affect the collective. We connect ideas to necessary resources relevant to public and private stakeholders on the values of the Triple Bottomline (People, Planet Profit).

Civic Engagement

The individual is the smallest indivisible unit of society; we believe active citizen participation alongside conscious consumerism is necessary for a system of markets, government and individuals to be equitable, effective and just.

Our People
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Kiran Reddy
Kiran founded Helm of Eight in 2017, to support the few who work with the many, in the social impact space. He is a law graduate from SLS Pune. Kiran has 9 years of experience in facilitating leadership development, organizational capacity building and dialog in policy across Business, Development, and Impact landscapes.

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Ashna Ashesh
Ashna is Helm of Eight’s Executive Director, Strategy and DEI Lead. She is a lawyer and public health professional. She has 8+ years of experience in the development and social impact space. At Helm, she specializes in strategy, policy analysis, partnerships, community building and DEI.

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Aditi Bahl
One of Helm of Eight’s founding members, Aditi is Head of Operations. She has a Masters in Human Resources from Middlesex University, London (2012). She has 10+ years work experience across operations, administration and human resources. She is skilled in managing teams and working closely with senior management to facilitate organisational growth.

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Vashita Madan
Vashita Madan is the Communications Lead at Helm of Eight. Her core area of expertise is communications in social impact with 6+ years of experience. As the former Communications lead at ConveGenius, she led her team and worked on revolutionizing last mile education through innovative communication strategies.

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Neeraj Adwankar
At Helm of Eight, Neeraj leads project management for various client organizations in the social impact space. A versatile brand strategy and account management professional with 8 years of experience, he focuses on problem solving and efficiency.

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JoAnn Ponce
A veteran generalist and entrepreneur, with 15+ years of experience. JoAnn is Helm of Eight’s Special Projects Consultant. Her expertise in fundraising advisory and design thinking lends a unique perspective to all of Helm’s work.

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Our Ecosystem
Corporate Enterprises
Social Enterprises
Public and Private Institutions
Academic Institutions
Trainers / Facilitators

Let's create impact together.

We empower purpose-driven individuals, organizations and collectives across domains to enhance their impact potential.

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