SOIL - School of Internal Literacy


SOIL - School of Internal Literacy

Services: Project Documentation, Facilitation and Communications Outreach.

SOIL (School of Internal Literacy) is a volunteer-based collective.

SOIL uses meditative practices, methods, and techniques to give direction in discovering the meaning of the natural resources given to each of us leading to an improvement in quality of life. These practices focus on using our thoughts, body, breath, images, emotions, and energy to live a more energized and harmonious life.

SOIL derives inspiration from the worldwide humanist movement, it’s methodologies - the 12 principles of valid action - and its founder Silo’s message of “unity living.”

SOIL is a worldwide community of volunteers dedicated to help people reconnect, rediscover and relearn their inner selves.

SOIL seeks to provide relevant context to help facilitate personal experience and enhance the commitment of an individual to oneself.

What Inspired Us To Work Together:

SOIL believes the best way to perfect one’s learning is by teaching others. This is a simple method of transcending a self-centred life. It works to enlarge the sphere of our existence from local to global, from global to universal.

SOIL’s tools are based on an understanding that we are one with the Earth and the environment on one hand, and with our family, friends, neighbors, and society on the other.

SOIL’s approach is to go beyond “otherness” which, in simple terms, means the world is not alien to us nor separate from us; together we form an integral whole.

How We Helped
Project Documentation, Facilitation and Communications Outreach.


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