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Truth & Reconciliation Worldwide Movement

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We have come a long way, but so has our trauma. Change is not an end in itself, it is a process. It begins when one looks within themselves, coming to terms with their own truth.
Our vision is to create and sustain until needed, a global citizens’ movement for Truth & Reconciliation across all nations, environments and societies; healing inequities and unfair divides. Truth & Reconciliation Worldwide (TRW)’s vision is to create and sustain a global citizens’ movement for truth and reconciliation across all nations, environments, and societies to heal inequities. TRW plans to continue its work until no longer needed.

What Inspired Us To Work Together:

We are a part of TRW because there is a moment of truth that we as individuals, groups, and as a species need to confront. We have been in conflict with nature, our selves, and our species since the beginning. Reconciliation is a long journey to recovery.

  • So where do we start?
  • Who are we? - asks the inquisitive mind.
  • Who we are - is the integral whole.
  • What are we doing? - needs a pause to reflect.
  • Why are we doing this to ourselves and to each other?
  • Where are we now and where do we go from here?

From such inquiry emerges the Truth & Reconciliation Movement. We need allies and a safe space to learn, to listen, to find common ground with each other. To understand our conflicts and realise that grief can only be addressed with compassion. To accept that even in our present imperfections we have the power to reconcile with our past towards a hopeful future.

This is a humble attempt to start the journey from the ‘inside’ to the ‘outside’ with a pay-by-heart, pay-it-forward model.

How We Helped

Communications, Project Management, Event Curation, Partnerships

Impact/Campaign Numbers

  • 47 sessions. Range offering 60 mins - 180 mins per session.
  • 66 speakers, (individual, duo, panel, workshop)
  • 1500 + attendees.
  • 20+ hours of video content uploaded on YouYube.
  • 1000 + members on FB Group, 360 followers on FB page post-launch.

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