Catalyst 2030


Catalyst 2030

Sector: Social Impact Collective

Launched at the World Economic Forum in Davos in January 2020, Catalyst 2030 is a social entrepreneur and innovator-led movement responding to this global call to action for people and the planet. The movement was co-founded by a diverse group of social entrepreneurs, many as members of our ecosystem partners: Ashoka, Echoing Green, the Schwab Foundation of the World Economic Forum and the Skoll Foundation. In 2019, this global group came together to forge what would become Catalyst 2030.


Report: Helm co-authored Pathways to Transforming Education: Proven Solutions from Social Entrepreneurs with Sustainnovate, a report which details how we can adopt evidence-based learning principles and collaboratively revolutionise education.This report advocated for governments to adopt a learner-centric, participatory approach to education policy making and implementation. The aim of the report is to provide an evidence base for practitioner-derived learning principles that we believe, collectively and globally, constitute the vision for a transformed education in line with Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 4. These learnings and the report’s recommendations were targeted at policymakers and funders, and were informed by the needs of young learners.

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Catalyst 2030 - Buddy System: Helm co-designed a member driven, community/network solution dubbed “Buddy System” to help build intrinsic motivation and facilitate membership engagement for the multiple working groups and initiatives within Catalyst 2030. The core values and frameworks suggested in the Buddy System have been adopted by the Catalyst secretariat and facilitation teams in the network with respect to member orientation, training, and experimentation. The System was designed to build an active culture of engagement that values interpersonal bonding and wellness within the vast C2030 network.


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