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Chaitanya WISE

Sectors: Women Entrepreneurship, Women Leadership

Services: Strategy Consulting, Project Advisory Services, Organizational Development.


Chaitanya is a community-based microfinance pioneer in Maharashtra. It facilitated the formation of the first self-help group (SHG) federation in Maharashtra called Grameen Mahila Swayamsiddha Sangha. Their objective was to create a habit of savings and credit, generate external resources, and provide a forum for the exchange of information for their members. Since its formation, Chaitanya has played a catalytic role in spreading the SHG movement in and around Maharashtra. Currently, 40 federations promoted by Chaitanya are owned and governed by 8,500 self help groups (SHGs) . They work as a sustainable institutions that performs financial as well as other social / developmental activities.

Working with rural and tribal community women for almost three decades, they have experimented, advocated, lobbied, collaborated, and moved beyond a three tier federation self-help group structure by institutionalizing an autonomous 4th tier federation apex governing body.

From inception itself, Chaitanya pioneered the movement in Maharashtra. Their learnings have since helped build capacity in 100+ organizations and institutions for thousands of individuals, including fellow community leaders, members, peer NGOs, public institutions, private institutions, and other stakeholders.

What Inspired Us To Work Together

  • We are keen to work with Chaitanya because their 30+ year legacy has positively. impacted the lives of lakhs of women and families.
  • Through training and knowledge transfer, Chaitanya has built capacity and self-sufficiency for 50+ organizations working for women empowerment.
  • With an unwavering focus on compassion, trust, and innovation, Chaitanya has navigated the vicissitudes of the social development space and cemented its status as a benchmark for other organizations.

How We Helped: Communications, Project Management, Partnerships


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