Chhaaya Strategic Advisors


Chhaaya Strategic Advisors

Services: Strategy Consulting, Project Management, Social Entrepreneurship


Chhaaya is a niche consulting firm that provides professional services to Corporate, SMEs, Nonprofit and Government for enhancing sustainable development endeavours. Our objective is accelerating development processes and creating stakeholder satisfaction by working on the ecosystem, through Sustainability, Ethical Management, Organizational Development etc. Post the amendments to Company Act 2013, Chhaaya has worked with a number of Corporate / Foundations to optimize CSR results.

Chhaaya gives following services in CSR space:

  • Designing CSR policy
  • Visioning and strategic inputs and roadmap for CSR
  • Designing programs
  • Designing monitoring and evaluation systems
  • Identifying credible NGO partners for implementation of CSR programs
  • CSR program impact analysis
  • Ongoing consultancy on CSR program designing, implementation, monitoring and evaluation

Why They Caught Our Interest:

The Chhaaya team consists of experienced development and management professionals who are deeply immersed in the social impact/CSR space, along with a strong network of credible NGOs and field work capability in 9 states and 100 districts across the country.

How We Work With Them:

We partnered with Chhaaya first in 2020 for an assignment to begin work on a multi stakeholder, cluster development project in Pasali Valley in Pune District. We have also worked with Chhaaya in association with Tata Institute of Social Sciences to conduct a field survey of women in the SHGs for Chaitanya Trust, a women empowerment focused group of institutions.


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We empower purpose-driven individuals, organizations and collectives across domains to enhance their impact potential.

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