Awareness Workshop: Suicide Prevention

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Awareness Workshop: Suicide Prevention

“I wish I had known this information before, I may have been able to save two lives that were dear to me”, quipped a Dean of a reputed educational institute during one of our awareness workshops.

Suicide is slowly becoming a silent, global epidemic. 
It snuffs the life out of many youth and children too fast, too soon. It parades around like the only way out of emotional pain for men and women belonging to myriad parts of our society.

Ultimately, suicide interrupts the stories of countless individuals all too abruptly. Each of them deserved to be understood, helped, supported, and given another shot at life. 

While we express regret over the lives that have been lost, we also nurture hope for the lives that can be saved. 

Sisters Living Works supports the goal of a better and safer India where people are valued and where lives matter. We strongly believe that education is the first step in reducing deaths by suicide. 

In collaboration with Beyond Issues, we bring to you a free awareness workshop on suicide prevention.

Entry is free and open to any person who would like to enlighten themselves with information on suicide prevention. More details to follow soon.

Suicide is a preventable public health problem. The struggle and pain that accompany it are very real and responsive to treatment.
Let’s accept it. Let’s talk about it. Let’s save lives.

About Beyond Issues:
Beyond Issues is a support community consisting of mental health professionals (psychologists, psychiatrists, counsellors, therapists, wellness experts) as well as young psychology students/graduates who help facilitate conversation and enrich the community conversation. They are also working towards mental health and emotional well-being awareness in all age groups. The Beyond Issues community firmly believes that no problem is small or insignificant.

Sunday, Nov 19 2017 @ 11:00am (Concluded)
Helm of Eight,Andheri West, Mumbai

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