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Desirable Future Sessions | RedBull Futur/io Bangalore

Helm of Eight in association with Venue Partner The Bohemian House, Innovation Partner Workbench Projects and Augmented Reality Partner Flippar Go are organising an adventurous day we themed “desirable future sessions” to invite all the nonconformists who dare to dream.

A call out to all geeks, nerds, creatives, misfits, the innovators, entrepreneurs, writers, artists and artisans, the activists and the intellectuals to come share their vision for a desirable future. Come listen, engage and indulge in a memorable gathering for peers.

A day filled with engaging Speaker sessions, immersive stalls, art installations, sensory experiences, interactive corners, peer networking and more to inspire your imagination.

As William Gibson put it: “The future has arrived — it’s just not evenly distributed yet.”

Date: 9th March, Saturday
Time: 2pm to 8pm
Entry: Free/ Pay By Heart
Venue: The Bohemian House


  1. Ananth Ramesh, Spacecraft Structures, TeamIndus Moon Mission (Building on a Moonshot)

  2. Vijetha Shastry, Lead- Open Innovation NASSCOM CoE - DSAI & IoT (Open Innovation, Co-Creation and Insights on the Startup Ecosystem Collaboration)

  3. Gautham Shenoy, Sci-fi Fan and SF Columnist (Science Fiction for Hopeful Futures)

  4. Harshit Agrawal, Cyborg Artist and Researcher (Making Art with Artificial Intelligence: The Evolution of the Cyborg Artist)

  5. Huda Masood, Founder and Chief Grunt The Huda Bar (Hyperlocal, De-centralized and Closing the Loop - Using Food to Lure Them In)

  6. Vasanth M K, Founder & CEO, @Hydrogreens Agro Tech (Prosperity pool for & from farmers)

  7. Avijit Michael, Executive Director and Managing Trustee, (Democracy 2.0 - how digital technology can simplify citizen participation in governance)

  8. Akshay Singhal, Founder & CEO, Log 9 Materials, (Electric Mobility for India: Current Challenges & the future)

  9. Arvind Badrinarayanan, Co-Founder, Muse Diagnostics (The Digital Stethoscope)

  10. Megha Bhagat, Co-Founder & Chief Growth Officer - Project DEFY (Unlearning- The future of learning systems)

  11. Suvarchala Narayanan (Future of You / Designing your Future Self)

  12. Sharat Satyanarayana, Aspiring Nexialist


  1. Electric Car Experience:

Range anxiety and inadequate charging infrastructure are a universal problem which has led to slow adoption of electric vehicles across the globe. Issues of non-availability of raw materials and indigenous manufacturing makes it even more challenging for India to aim for mass electrification of vehicles. Metal-air particularly Aluminium-air technology is a viable alternative which can make mobility clean and green without the need for charging infrastructure with a range of more than 1000 km.

Log 9 Materials, a local Bangalore startup has made Aluminium and Water the new fuel. The innovation can not only revolutionize electric mobility both in consumer and logistics segment but also makes eco-friendly power backup viable. Come see the car on site on the 9th of March.

Video Link:

  1. Space Tech Corner- Exhibits and prototypes of Space Technology (Courtesy TeamIndus Moon Mission)

  2. DIY/ MakerSpace Experience (facilitated by Workbench Projects) - Details TBA

Workbench Projects (WP) is a Bengaluru-based makerspace, a cross-disciplinary platform for the public to toy with ideas, tinker with tools and machines to prototype and build for the future.

The idea of working in a maker-space, creating objects of one’s fancy, building devices which work with motors is one of the most ideal ways people seem to spend their free time. Remember the childhood days, where we would tinker with things creating different objects with hobby kits and broken parts? As we grow up we tend to get busy in different things and forget all this. Workbench Projects, Bangalore’s first open maker-space aims to rekindle that spirit in us.

  1. Flippar Go- One of the ways to build a strong brand presence & increase sales is by being able to provide great customer experience. FlippAR helps companies provide better customer experience because of its experience with customer service + technology integration.

FlippAR Go in addition to helping make an interactive AR experience, would be handing out interactive postcard souvenirs.

  1. Goobe’s Book Republic: Sci-Fi & SF books

Goobe’s book republic is a store that really believes Science Fiction is better than everything else. We operate as a store, a library and buy/trade pre-loved Science Fiction, literature and Non Fiction books.

  1. The Mind Clan:

TheMindClan is a mental health community platform dedicated to giving you access to the tools you need to care for your mental health. Their platform is here to bridge gaps and foster connections between individuals, mental health professionals, and self-care event facilitators. TheMindClan strives to nurture help, support, and human-to-human connections because each of us deserves to be heard, understood, and taken care of.

  1. BLR Busking: We sit in public spaces and make art with strangers. Come say hey!

The following buskers will be attending:
1. Rahul / Writer
2. Sweeya / Writer
3. Nisshtha / Writer-illustrator
4. Maithili / illustrator

  1. Interactive Corners - Letters to Future Self. Want to receive a note from you a year into the future, fill out the postcard and we will deliver it to your address in 2020.

Red Bull Futur/io is the new global initiative launched by RedBull and The European Institute for Exponential Technologies & Desirable Futures.

Creative minds were invited to create a video that conveys their ideas of a desirable future for our Planet in 2030. Through November 2018 to Feb 10th 2019, we had 85 entries from India.

The jury panel has selected ANIKET CHATTERJEE’s entry, “Mars 2035” to spend 3 days RedBull Futur/io academy. You can check out his entry here-

Saturday, Mar 9 2019 @ 2:00pm (Concluded)
The Bohemian House,Bengaluru- 560025

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