ChapterXX: PaperWeight Homecoming

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ChapterXX: PaperWeight Homecoming

In October, we bring to you Chapter XX: PaperWeight Homecoming - 27th October, one of our most lovely community member’s homes. Bringing back all the #feelsbro as he opens his home and heart to us ♥

This is our second in-home PW, the first one was a beautiful evening, and so we decided to do another session. We are dedicated to making this incredibly special for all of you - whether you’ve been to one/many/all/none of the previous PWs - You.Are.Welcome.

Please bring something to share (Munchies, non alcoholic thirst quenchers, ghar ka khaana, anything to eat!) as it will be dinner time and we’re bound to get hungry :)

PLEASE NOTE: We will not be able to share the address here, but once you have RSVPed on the link, we will share it with you over email.

There is a limit to the capacity we can accommodate in this space, so please please RSVP in advance with the above link!

If you cannot RSVP on the link, please write to us directly if you are keen to attend. shivani@helmofeight(dot)com/ kiran@helmofeight(dot)com

We believe in transparency, and thus wanted to highlight that we have kept the minimum contribution as Rs. 100 - this includes attending/participating but some snacks and a drink (non-alcoholic)! This is the absolute minimum we need to keep running this space we hold for you, we do hope your contributions go beyond that (for all those who can and wish to) :)

If anyone who would like to come along and cannot contribute that amount/has any trouble with it - please write to us. 
We want this space to always be accessible for you, while making it more sustainable for us too.

We are dedicated to creating a safe space, that allows for open expression, discourse, giving and sharing with one another.

We at PaperWeight encourage a sense of community and sharing in more ways than one - and we encourage everyone to contribute something, so bring some food to eat, some words to share, and a whole lot of heart, to listen, acknowledge, learn and feel.

We have hosted 19 heart warming sessions thus far, and can’t wait for another lovely Saturday evening with you all.

We look forward to welcoming old faces and new voices in here and hosting you for an evening of live shares - Poetry, Music, Prose, or any other art form you’d like to speak to us in.

We are here to listen. We keep an open mind towards all life forms.

To preserve the sanctity of the experience, please be on time.
If you miss the door timings, please contact us and we will let you in between shares.

Saturday, Oct 27 2018 @ 7:00pm (Concluded)
A wonderful community members home in Goregaon West,We will share the address once you have registered on the link.

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