Jungle in the City

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Jungle in the City

We at the Helm believe in the coming together of things that belong and are thrilled to invite you to our Flagship event - “Jungle in the City” 

Jungle in the City brings together the creatures of the city with the beings of the forest.
With equal participation from the Adivasis, Musicians, Poets, Graffiti Artists, Facilitators and Humans of Bombay, this day will be experienced in shared oneness of all with nature. 

The day will lead us through 3 parts of the forest - A nature trail, Chota Kashmir (park) and the Amphitheatre.


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Adivasis will be participating, sharing and engaging. 
Adivasis are going to create a POS- for Flora, Fauna and Veggies
There will be a warli art corner, where people can make their own Warli art on cards or similar canvas, give voluntary contributions and additionally purchase those made by master Warli Artists.
There will be 3 Graffiti Artists who will make art on a flex or a canvas for the purposes of the event. 
There will be a community canvas for people to leave their impression.
The event will be covered by Photo and Video.

Sunday, Dec 3 2017 @ 7:00am (Concluded)
Aarey Forest,Aarey Forest, Mumbai 400056

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