PaperWeight- AfterHours

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PaperWeight- AfterHours

PaperWeight this month will be held as a PaperWeight AfterHours session on the 17th of Feb (SATURDAY) from 11 PM onwards.

We are excited to be bringing in the night with an immersive first time experiment of PaperWeight- AfterHours format.

Inviting the tiny corners of darkness (and light) in all of you.

You can also register your interest on this event page directly.
We promise to hold a Sunday session next month, but due to unavoidable reasons (explained below), instead of cancelling it this weekend, we will be trying a slightly different version :)

Entry: Something to Share (Munchies, thirst quenchers, stories, smiles and hugs)

Please note- Out of respect to the sanctity of the place and the people, alcohol and substance is prohibited in the space.

About PaperWeight:

We are dedicated to creating a safe space, that allows for open expression, discourse and giving and sharing with one another.

We at PaperWeight encourage a sense of community and sharing in more ways than one - and we encourage everyone to contribute something, so bring some food to eat, juice to stay hydrated, some words to share and drop us a donation in our Pay By Heart Box :)

We have hosted 12 heart warming sessions thus far (happy birthday to us!), and can’t wait for another lovely chapter with you all. We are here to listen. We keep an open mind towards all life forms (somebody please bring dog/cat/turtle, please).

P.s- To RSVP, drop us a message on the page. This will confirm your seat as well as we know to expect you. Owing to limitation of space we can only accommodate 40 seats. If you wish to walk in we will do our best to accommodate you, but be prepared to huddle!

You can come along to share or even to sit back and enjoy this as an audience member, as long as you are participatory and present ♥ 

A silver lining instead of a weekend of #feelsbro, we do have a mega line up this Saturday, 2 experiences alongside our very own Neethi Anne Dorairaju & Niki Ray aka Kai Bai both who have honed their gifts and shared them at PaperWeight multiple times.

In Addition we have a full line up prior to PaperWeight

  1. 4:00pm to 7:30pm

Kai Bai: Swacch Bharat- Niki was present during our first PaperWeight and will be adorning a persona of Kai Bai, in collaboration with Val Resh & The Red Door .

Theme: Understanding general mental health and mental well-being, learning the uses of compassion and empathy, living a conscious life.

Activity: Working with objects, puppets and materials to create scenarios and retell stories.

Join us for an interactive performance of improv comedy, storytelling and a fun way to exploring mental health with creativity. The performance and mini workshop will be followed by The Red Door’s mad hatter’s party.

  1. 8:30pm to 10:30pm

StringyCheese & CrackerJack (The Duo) - Neethi Anne Dorairaju & Bryan Ernest

This incredible-new-formed-barely 2 month old duo, who have already performed at Bandcamp, Aarey (Jungle in the City) and Door No. 1, have finally embraced the weirdness in them and accepted their band name - StringyCheese and CrackerJack.

Their voices are magic, while they re-imagine songs with covers like you’ve never heard before, they will also be performing some originals (and spontaneous requests).

So here we are bringing you their first fully unplugged set :)

The evening will include (not restricted to) Music, Conversation, Cheese and Crackers (no kidding, we take our nomenclature very seriously) and all things good.

Saturday, Feb 17 2018 @ 11:00pm (Concluded)
Andheri West, Mumbai?Helm of Eight

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