The Heroes Speak

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The Heroes Speak

When we listen to real life stories, we reflect on our innermost layers and that reflection is strong and deep-rooted, it invokes in us an urge to uncover our veiled potential, it bestows upon us the power to imagine, to resonate, to feel, to act and bring a change, it ignites in us a spark to find our own way to illuminate this world. STORIES are the richest source of inspiration, they have the ability to shape and form our thinking by synchronizing our brain with the person telling the story.

On that note, I invite you to be a part of Real Life Heroes, as they come together under one roof to share their life story on November 4th, i.e. Saturday @ Helm of Eight, Mumbai!!

P.S. Its a ‘Pay by Heart’ event.

Saturday, Nov 4 2017 @ 5:00pm (Concluded)
Helm of Eight,Andheri West, Mumbai.

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