Busk at Dusk

Busk at Dusk Event Picture

  • January 16, 2018 @18:00 - 20:00
  • Amphitheatre- Carter Road, Bandra
    Amphitheatre- Carter Road, Bandra

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Hello people of music and love, 

The BomBay Works in collaboration with The Helm of Eight is elated to bring their first Busking Session to you. 

‘Busking’ means performing in the streets. Music, Theatre, Poetry, Juggling, Acrobatics and Dance and any other form of performance art, everything goes. 


1. Rahgir, a poet and a musician and resuming his journey of Happiness pan India. He is leaving on 15th January for another 3 months long solo musical/poetic journey to spread love and awareness through my words.
He performs at schools, colleges, orphanages, old age homes and cafes etc along the way without any payment and share the words I believe can stir the emotions to change few things in our society.

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2. Hasan Baldiwala is a 19 year old singer, writer, occasional standup comedian, travel enthusiast, humanist and opportunist and the co-founder of The BomBay Works. Originally, from a small town called Devlali in Nashik, he shifted to Mumbai almost 2 years ago and has been a regular in the open mic scene in Mumbai and has performed in various places in the city. He has given music to pieces and made them beautiful with UnErase Poetry and Spill Poetry.

Come and discover music in it’s raw form. Let’s do grand stuff together. 

Entry: Pay by Heart

Time: 6:00 pm onwards. 

Address: Carter Road, Bandra, Mumbai. 


Hasan - +91 7387974744
Isha - +91 99 20 693431