A Wandering Musician and Poet

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A Wandering Musician and Poet

“Rahgir” is my pen name and it perfectly explains my thoughts and dreams. I was born in a small village, 80 kms away from Jaipur, Rajasthan where people still believe that singing and playing around is the work of the “Kalbelias” (who traditionally sing, dance and beg).

There are two thoughts that defined my vision about who I wanted to be.
“This is not the way I want to live”
“This is not the world I want to live in”

With all the disturbing events happening in this world, I decided to do something about it with the gift that I have. MUSIC. MY POETRY- My way to reach more hearts & spread the message of peace & love. This is my weapon to fight hatred and war.

I quit my well-paying IT job after working for more than a year and stood up for what I thought I was born for. It was not long when I started reciting poetry and music at local places and the thrill and happiness it gave me is unexplainable, even for a writer.

My first gig was at an old age home and I received the blessing of the beautiful souls, which made me richer than I could have ever be. Since then, I never looked back.
I just finished a musical mission- A 4000 kms solo journey across India to spread meaningful messages through my songs and poetry at schools, religious places, cafes or anyone who listened to me.

Entry : Pay by heart

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