Meet Speak-SXArena: Balanced Voices

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Meet Speak-SXArena: Balanced Voices

How do you interpret ‘Balanced Voices’? Use this as your word-prompt, your approach or even just a trigger to create an original work of art. The stand out artists will be curated by SXonomics at their upcoming events under SX-on-Mics.

Date: Sunday, 4 March
Time: 3PM-5PM
Entry fee: Rs.100

All art, written, painted, performed and otherwise has been about expressing ideas. Every artist and creator in the world pushes forward thought in some way. Censoring and silencing are part of the blood shed in creative spaces. But diversity in opinion, style, ideology and format is what makes art so important.

Creators will present an original creation (a piece of writing, a performance etc.) each to the theme ‘Balanced Voices’. Each piece is read out or performed. The creation will be discussed and reviewed for its creative techniques and the inbuilt politics (gender politics, sexual politics or other, as the case may be). So please be sure to attend, keeping in mind that this event is about critiquing your work for improvement, not garnering applause.

You are welcome to attend even without your work, so long as you participate in the discussion within the guidelines of the event. If you wish to present your work, please register here so that we can schedule discussion/feedback time for you.
Alphabet Sambar is a community for writers, performers and storytellers. They conduct peer-feedback meets, workshops, writing games, story exercises etc. SXonomics is a feminist project that uses art and performance to drive conversations around gender, sexuality and equality.

Sunday, Mar 4 2018 @ 3:00pm (Concluded)
Helm of Eight,Andheri West, Mumbai

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