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Helm of Eight in Musical Collaborations with Zubaan present ‘Shaam-e-Banaras’

This two-hour immersive and intimate musical experience will showcase compositions by artists from Varanasi who come from different musical styles and backgrounds but have been collaborating to create new compositions, as part of the music project Zubaan.

The three artists, having been performing in different parts of the country individually as well as with other artists of Zubaan, will also share their experiences and stories in an intimate gig at Helm of Eight this Sunday, 4th March at 6 PM.


Manohar Lal- Senior artist who has spent years on the ghats playing the Shehnai and flute and teaching others.

Raghvendra Kumar- A musician trained in Hindustani Classical who learned Sitar but has chosen the Mohan Veena as his instrument of expression.

Kavish Seth- Singer, songwriter, composer who finds a deep connection with the city. Also plays the guitar and Noori, an instrument he created.

About Zubaan:

Zubaan is a music project that started three years ago to create platforms for collaboration between independent music artists from different corners of India. It has become a collective of more than 40 artists in major towns and villages of the country and has facilitated collaborations and organised more than a hundred music performances until now. This process has resulted in the creation of many new songs and compositions by these artists, some of which will be presented in an upcoming album called Pehli Pehel.

Check out this musical video story for a background on Zubaan’s Banaras chapter:

About Helm of Eight:

The story behind the Helm is rooted in the cross-pollination of Art, Self & Human Resource Development, Enterprise, Social Impact and Technology. Human-centricity is at the core of all our work and the thread that ties them together.

We are dedicated to creating experiences to step-in and go beyond the everyday, and are constantly looking to challenge and experiment in the cross-section of these domains.

Having grown from 1/3 experiences when we started last January, as individuals, friends and now groups are slowly shaping an open collective to having been able to design, curate, organise, facilitate and support 50+ experiments till February.

Sunday, Mar 4 2018 @ 6:00pm (Concluded)
Helm of Eight,Andheri West, Mumbai

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