PaperWeight- Chapter VIII of Words & Things

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PaperWeight- Chapter VIII of Words & Things

Chapter VIII of Words and Things.

We are dedicated to creating a safe space, that allows for open expression, discourse, giving and sharing with one another.

We at PaperWeight encourage a sense of community and sharing in more ways than one - and we encourage everyone to contribute something, so bring some food to eat, some words to share or drop us a donation in our Pay By Heart Box :)

We have hosted 7 heart warming sessions thus far, and can’t wait for another lovely Saturday evening with you all.

We now look forward to hosting the eighth chapter on the 23rd of September (6:30 pm onwards, you can always come earlier if you’d like to hang with us).

We look forward to welcoming old faces and new voices in here and hosting you for an evening of live shares - Poetry, Music, Prose, or any other art form you’d like to speak to us in. 

We are here to listen. We keep an open mind towards all life forms.

PLEASE NOTE: Doors Close at 7pm, Reopen at 7:45pm, Close at 8pm and Remain Open after 9pm.

We will be strict with this as we do not want our artists and audience to be interrupted, so please be on time.

P.s- To RSVP/block a slot for the Open Mic, drop us a message on the page. This will confirm your seat as well as we know to expect you. Owing to limitation of space we can only accommodate 40 seats. If you wish to walk in we will do our best to accommodate you, but be prepared to huddle!

Saturday, Sep 23 2017 @ 6:30pm (Concluded)
Andheri West, Mumbai?Helm of Eight

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