Poetry as Healing- Workshop

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Poetry as Healing- Workshop

“We could talk about poetry as a rope in a storm. Poetry as one continuous mantra of mental health. Poetry as the world’s biggest, longest-running workshop on how to love. Poetry as a conversation across time. Poetry as the acid-scrub of cliche. We could say that the poem is a lie detector. That the poem is a way of thinking without losing the feeling. That a poem is a way of feeling without being too overwhelmed by feeling to think straight.” - Jeanette Winterson

This workshop is an attempt to harness the power of poetry and writing to face your demons and maybe overcome them too. Through individual and group exercises we will create a safe space to write from our hearts. 

This workshop will celebrate and encourage your creativity while giving voice to the stories you have to tell. It will enable you to experiment with your writing in a supportive environment. 

This is a two-day workshop to be held on 7th and 8th of October by spoken word poet, Rochelle D’silva. 

About the curator: 

Rochelle writes about her travels, cultural influences and personal experiences. Her poems; furnished with deep imagery and functional metaphors provide clear pathways into her world and her ethos. She has been a part of numerous literary festivals around India - Bengaluru Poetry Festival 2017, Poets Translating Poets Festival 2016 organised by the Goethe Institute in Mumbai, Kala Ghoda Arts Festival 2016 and Cri de Femme International Poetry and Arts Festival 2015 in Delhi. She curates a monthly poetry open mic in Mumbai called ‘Words Tell Stories’ that features local and international artists and runs a slam series called Mumbai Poetry Slam. She put out a poetry and music album titled Best Apology Face with Melbourne composer Meena Shamaly in March 2017. Her debut collection of poetry titled ‘When Home Is An Idea’, published by Bombaykala, was released in Aug 2017. She endorses hugs.

Saturday, Oct 7 2017 @ 1:00pm (Concluded)
Andheri West, Mumbai?Helm of Eight

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