Together- Me/We/Us

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Together- Me/We/Us


Often when we hit dead ends with ourselves or when we fantasise an ideal world, we often begin or end the conversation with “काश दुनिया वैसी होती” (I wish the world had been like that) or “वो दुनिया कैसी होती?” (how would that world be?). This workshop asks us to bring ourselves to the workshop along with the weight of all of these conversations as it sets out in the search of creating ways to at least form microcosms with these realities, if not all the world.

When these different microcosms are imagined by each of us differently, do each of us shape them for ourselves? Is there space for ‘another’ (did you know, another is actually ‘an other’, I learnt this recently), for many ‘others’? If yes, then what is this space? Do they also become authors to this microcosm? And what of the others who are not a part of this microcosm, for reasons like ‘they do not want to be here’, or ‘do not feel comfortable here’ or ‘are asked to leave this ‘here’’. Who are they?

Through various exercises including writing and listening poetry, conversing, imagining, sharing, asking, listening, and more we attempt to uncover our own masks, break down our own walls and tear apart our skins to allow ‘others’ to witness this, see us without our masks or look at our wounds (whatever is comfortable). This workshop is an attempt to relearn the forgotten innocence and courage required to imagine a different world, for you, for we and for us. A world that we make.

PS: We will try to uncover ourselves gently, with care, with love and with warmth. 

Suggested age limit-16 years to 30 years. 

The artist believes this event should be accessible to everyone so the entry is 500/- rupees but attendees can pay more if they wish to support the artists and/or space. However, if money becomes the reason to not attend, please do contact us.

Sunday, Jan 28 2018 @ 10:30am (Concluded)
Helm of Eight,Andheri West, Mumbai

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