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Gulabi Guftagoo

Gulabi Guftagoo | गुलाबी गुफ्तगू is an exploration of gender through music and poetry. It brings together a Hindustani vocalist along with a poet to speak, to converse about gender, in a way which is real, honest, dark and tender. The performance allows a re-looking at the body, the idea of the self and people’s perceptions of the self, all at once. Lastly, but most importantly, it is also a performance which originates out of a friendship which feels like the much needed winter sun-soothing. 

About the artists :
Ananyaa - At the age when children start reciting nursery rhymes Ananyaa was humming Kabir. She began her formal training in Hindustani Classical vocals at 4 years. Growing up in a music-enriched environment at home and in school, she imbibed her lessons by listening, learning and performing.

An Urdu Akademy awardee, she sings Faiz, Ghalib, Bahadurshah Zafar, Amir Khusro, amongst others. A multifaceted solo vocalist she has rendered programmes in Bhakti sangeet, Ghazals, folk, classical and light classical. She is part of the famed Gandharva choir and has performed extensively all over the country and abroad.

soz - soz is a chosen identity (Shrenik Mutha), not one which the artist was born with or one which was stamped on him by the world. He, who is a mistake, identifies as a closeted person who comes out as soz. soz is queer and gender non-conforming, and they believe that the body has its wisdom, that we only need to listen closely. soz uses their art as a way of making the self more vulnerable and intimate to the world. 

soz lives the life the artist cannot, owing to the violence and the difficulty of being born. soz speaks, shouts, yells and shrieks when they kill the lie he is. He dies in the moment. Writing, performing, creating art and engaging in theater is how soz lives their life.

soz says, “who will silence whom? 
i am silenced by the penis i was born with, 
expected to understand that


and that the world will only understand simple truths. 

at night, i let soz live. 
soz speaks, 
will you listen”

The artists believe this event should be accessible to everyone so the entry is 200/- rupees but attendees can pay more if they wish to support artists the and/or space.

Saturday, Jan 27 2018 @ 6:30pm (Concluded)
Andheri West, Mumbai?Helm of Eight

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